Sonntag, 3. August 2008

~ Canadian Weeks ~

Canadian Weeks here in town are thru! And it seems it was quite a success. Many artist from all over Canada came over to exhibit. Besides City Hall and most shops were decorated with a Maple Leaf. It was very good to get a little touch of Canada again; it's been sooooo long since I have been there last time.... and although I hardly eat any meat, except fish, I tried a bison sausage during the opening and it was very good! Also a maple coffee, which was great!Various recitations were also offered during the passed weeks in the City Hall, about First Nation, economis between Canada and Germany and other things of interest.
What a good time we can have here in town!!! Some of the artefacts still remain like the sculpture in the lake, which I really like between the water lillies and the ducklings swimmin around... YYYY

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