Sonntag, 10. August 2008

~ Wool Season ~

Weather is slightly turning into cooler and wet again, what I like! Besides it means that time for more handcrafts are ahead. The hot days we had recently were not really inviting to have heavy wool in hands...DaWanda turned out to be a real treasure box for me, too! As I am not a too big fan of crocheting I bought this cotton flowers from a lady in Cologne. They make a new rainbow-flower-scarf and it will get another row, so that it is really useful in cooler days and not just decoration. YYYYYYYY
Wool has been dyed and out came this beautiful seagreen colour! Warm and soft from local sheep!
This is a 100% Alpacca; unusual colour, but why not...
I never imagined that all chocolate variations are bestsellers... ö lovely Sunday to all!
And don't forget to feed my goldfish; if you use the curser in their pool, they will come and follow you around!

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