Freitag, 8. August 2008

~ Have a nice Weekend ~

So it is weekend again! We had quite good luck last night: a heavy thunderstorm was raging and caused damadges, but not though remained very sultry all day today...have done not too much except for paperworks and a little dogwalking of course. Leif Gizmo is on the best way to become a little waterrat! We are all sending you best wishes for a happy summer weekend! Hope to be able to do some crafts so that I can show some new treasures soonest possible! Stay tuned...... YYYYY

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La Srta Pil hat gesagt…

Hi Beatrice, I must to say i loveeeeee echinaceas and here in my country its very dificcult to sow, i try this time with seeds from UK, well i plant a lot but only 3 born!, i so happy, thanks for you welcome, see you in DAwanda!.
Big xo from Argentina!