Montag, 28. Juli 2008

Leif Gizmo within 1 year!

Y This is Leif Gizmo as a puppy, he arrived here when he was already 3 months old; always a happy little buddy....
....and now: a sturdy male dog, enjoying his life! Y I would rather be one of these Penguins; it is so hot here that it is almost frustrating. We are not really prepared for such warmth! In the western parts of Germany there were heavy showers and thunderstorms, but not only hot! Soon all will be dried out and we will get bush fire warnings.... :(

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Muffin hat gesagt…

Gratulerer Leif Gizmo! And greetings from my husband Leif too... Takk for titten i bloggen din, kommer snart tilbake, auf Wiedersehen!