Sonntag, 20. Juli 2008

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Here is to get a little idea of what I am producing! I Y mufettees and other accessories! This pair is still for sale! Made of sockyarn and a special silky yarn in lovely rosewood; they are soft and warm!
This pair is quite exclusive: out of tealcoloured 100% Alpaca, the edge is silky NORO yarn from Japan and with embroidery of Bohemian glass beads, wooden and gemstone beads! This pair is sold since long...
Lovely girlish pair made out of OnLine yarn, actually a sockyarn, but definitely too special coloured and pretty to be worn in shoes. With a beige silk rose! Sold!
Exclusive pair made of NORO yarn from Japan! With green glass beads embroidery on the edge! Sold to Norway!
Warm pair of camelcoloured 100% Alpaca; special embroidery on the edges: little red flower beads, green glass beads and others make this pair a real eyecatcher - that's why it is sold already!
Next winter will surely come; so many new items will be out soon! I look very much forward to the cooler season....just love Fall with all its colours....not that we have it real hot here in the North of Germany right now, but the warmth is said to come back next week.
Enjoy your Sunday! Y


Anonym hat gesagt…

Thanks for dropping in at my blog, and for introducing me (us) to your cat and dog, too. Best wishes with your blog.

Melody hat gesagt…

I love how you've included the beads! And your pets are really cute too :)