Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2008

Y Welcome again!
I started this blog already last Fall, but kept on with my old blog!
Of course you are still welcome to visit will be mostly in Norwegian, while this one should be more in English or German.
Feel free to write and contact me in any language you prefer!
I will offer here also some of my articles, such as trims, buttons, beads and other beautiful items! It will be a pleasure to send it to worldwide destinations!
Also I design accessoires - mostly! Which I like to show here as well...
Now that my sons are grown all my attention goes to my pets. I always lived with cats all my life and since 1976 I always have at least one dog! Our home is actually near Hamburg in northern Germany, but I lived in many places around the northern hemisphere...a definite second home I have in Telemarken in Norway!

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